Welcome to Century Builders

We are passionate about taking your home renovation project to the highest level.

Welcome to Century Builders

We are passionate about taking your home renovation project to the highest level.

Custom Homes

We take pride in creating beautiful custom homes that families adore.

About Century Builders

Let our home renovation expertise bring your vision to life.

Whether it is reaching your 100th birthday or a house that remains strong and beautiful for 100 years, lasting for a century is quite a marvel. At Century Builders, we believe a century doesn’t have to be the upper limit goal for your home. Between being built with attention to detail and being remodeled from time to time, there is no reason why your Richmond, Texas home can’t be handed down to your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Even if longevity isn’t a key motivator for you, quality likely is. You need to know that you’ll achieve the beauty and functionality that makes your home renovation investment worth it. You can count on us to deliver exceptional results whether you choose an interior or exterior home remodeling project. We will work tirelessly to ensure every detail is perfect.

Services We Offer

Kitchen Renovation

You don’t have to be a professional chef to appreciate a stunning kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation

Your day should start and end in a luxurious bathroom.

Home Renovation

We are full-service remodeling general contractors who are dedicated to transforming your home.

Why Choose Us?



We have over 50 years of experience, ensuring that you get quality results on your renovation projects.



We do it all, from interior & exterior remodeling to major renovations and room additions.



Tell us the challenges you face with your home, and we’ll dive into the solutions, be it creating more space or improving accessibility.

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Our Team is Dependable and Passionate

We have been serving our local community for more than 20 years, and our lead contractor has been remodeling homes since 1965. Our entire team is dependable and passionate about creating excellence every step of the way. Reach out today to learn more about how our award-winning company can bring your vision to life.

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