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We offer a wide variety of options when installing patios.

You might think a home renovation contractor would only be involved in structural additions to create space for your Richmond, Texas home. However, at Century Builders, we do not shy away from anything that will make your home more enjoyable and functional. Outdoor living spaces, such as patios, are well within our expertise. If you’ve been cutting back your guest list out of space concerns when you entertain, patios are an ideal solution.

Patios in Richmond, Texas

Whether your home is devoid of patios or your current one could use upgrading or expanding, turn to us to learn about the options we have to offer. We can tackle any scope of project, even if you need us to remove an old concrete patio that has degraded to the point of being unsafe before putting in your new one.

One of the things we’ll discuss with you is if you need us to make your patio load-bearing so that you can add a sunroom or other home addition at a later time. We can also take care of those types of improvements whether you want to move forward now or later.

Another thing we will go over is the location of your patio. Many families prefer an attached one that you can walk out onto from your back door or have a new door put in for this purpose. Detached patios can serve as a slab for a gazebo, shed, or other outbuilding. Whatever the case might be to achieve your objectives, we are here to make them a reality. Reach out today to learn more and get started!