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We offer a wide variety of home renovation options to make your house a home.

For a house to stand the chance of becoming a century home, meaning it stands the test of time for 100 years or more, it has to have been built with quality in mind. As it is said in the industry, it has to have “good bones.” It doesn’t just take strong structural integrity for a home to be loved for a century, though. It takes investing in a home renovation from time to time to keep up with what today’s families need and want.

Home Renovation in Richmond, Texas

Preferences change over the years. One example is that it used to be a sign of prestige to have as many separate rooms as you could. People didn’t refer to their home by square footage– they referred to it by the number of rooms. Today, an open floor plan is preferable, and it isn’t uncommon to embark on a home renovation to make that alteration. A renovation that opens up the kitchen to see it from other parts of the home is an example.

At Century Builders, we love transforming Richmond, Texas houses to create the features that our customers want in their homes. With general contractor experience in custom homes, new home construction, home additions, and home renovation projects, there is very little that we can’t do to make your house the dream home you have in mind.

Our most popular home renovation projects include kitchen and bathroom renovations, exterior renovations, and basement renovations. Whether you are looking to add beauty, value, functionality, or all of the above to your home, reach out to us today to get started on making that a reality.


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