The Case for Home Additions Over Relocating

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It would be a wonderful thing if every young family was able to start out with a home that fit their needs now and for a lifetime. The reality is that, given house prices and maintenance costs for a large home, it is not uncommon to begin with a starter home that is a bit cozier in size than you’ll need later. If your family has outgrown your home, you have two choices. You can sell it and find a larger one or you can work with a contractor who builds home additions. It might surprise you how often the latter is the best course of action. Here are some reasons why home additions are preferred over relocating in many cases:

  • Relocation expenses- When you add up real estate agent commissions, closing costs, moving costs, taking time off work to pack and unpack, and other costs related to relocation, you might be surprised what a huge chunk of money that can be. Home additions could actually end up costing less.

The Case for Home Additions Over Relocating

  • Increase value- Instead of spending money that you never recoup on relocating, invest it in your home instead to increase its value, so if you ever do decide to sell, you’ll get a return on that investment.
  • Remain in neighborhood- If you love your neighborhood and it is convenient to your favorite stores, your job, and your children’s school, it is nice to be able to stay there instead of struggle to find another home that is in the same area.
  • Add custom features- It might be difficult to find a home that has the features you have in mind. Home additions can be anything from sunrooms to expanding one or more rooms to be more open and useful.

If you would like to learn more about home additions to see if that makes more sense to you than relocating, reach out to us at Century Builders. We are happy to go over the options available based on your property and budget. When you are ready to get to work improving your home so you fall in love with it all over again, let us know and we’ll go over how to bring your vision to life.