Bathroom Flooring, Richmond, TX

We offer bathroom flooring designed to work well in humid, wet bathrooms.

There used to be few available options for bathroom flooring. Since you had to go with something that could handle getting wet, there were many products you were advised to steer clear of. The good news is that the number of appropriate flooring materials has exploded in recent years, so there are options that will give you whatever appearance fits your preferences without being concerned about water damage.

Bathroom Flooring in Richmond, Texas

At Century Builders, we offer a full range of options and can install them perfectly to transform your bathroom. We also do full bathroom renovations if you’d like to have a complete upgrade. When choosing bathroom flooring, you may want options that don’t just hold up to getting wet, but are also not extremely slippery when wet.

We can recommend some slip-resistant options that we’re confident you’ll love. Humidity is another concern, so flooring that is resistant to mold and mildew is also a popular choice. Whatever your concerns might be from a functional or aesthetic consideration, you can rest assured that we’ll have the right solution and can install it to achieve the results you have in mind.

We have served the Richmond, Texas area for more than 20 years, and our lead contractor has been in the industry since 1965, so we are confident you’ll be happy with our workmanship. If you are interested in bathroom flooring as a stand-alone upgrade or as part of a bathroom renovation, reach out to us today to schedule a consultation. We will answer all your questions so you can proceed with confidence.